DOISPICE Co., Ltd was established on Mars 6, 2020 in Hoa Binh City, Vietnam. Our Company specializes in producing, processing and supplying spices. Currently, DOISPICE is a very young company, but we have a strong desire to become a leader in the development of spices originally from the mountains in Vietnam. Besides focusing on the domestic market, DOISPICE also seeks to export its products through the investment in sending samples abroad. As a result, many foreign spice companies have expressed their great interest in DOISPICE’s products. They are particularly attracted by this characteristic flavor, as well as natural origins. These opportunities promise to bring DOISPICE a potential export market in the near future.


  • Contribute to improving the lives of local people in highly areas and protecting the ecological environment through promoting sustainable development.
  • Bring to consumers the unique flavors of the Northwestern mountains and forests with the best quality, convenient and affordable products.
  • Contribute to improve processed agricultural product value of Vietnam


Increase investment, expand material areas and develop markets, aiming to build DOISPICE to become leading company in Vietnam specializing in special spices of the Northwestern region.

Core Values

  • Prestige brand
  • Customers first
  • High-trust Quality
  • Interest harmonization
  • Sustainable Development