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Meeting with two Italian export consulting companies to promote exports of Doispice’s spices

During a working visit to Vietnam, representatives of two Italian export consulting companies, Sida Group and Kelmer, had a meeting and worked with a number of Vietnamese enterprises, including Doispice. These representatives were very interested in Doispice’s special spices, especially in terms of specific flavors and origin from the mountains. This is in line with…

Wild Pepper

Exporting a batch of Mac Khen pepper and Lemon pepper (Maqaw or Maychang) to Germany

Among Doispice’s spices, Mac Khen pepper and Lemon pepper are being interested by many foreign customers. Including a spice importer in Germany, they evaluate these two spices have a very attractive taste and are suitable for European tastes and preferences. At the request of the customer, Doispice sent them samples for pre-test in the laboratories….