Forest Cinnamon, a great kind of Cinnamon for decorations

In Vietnam, besides the regular type of cinnamon used as a spice, which is popular in many foreign markets, there is still  another type of cinnamon called forest cinnamon. Although this type of Cinnamon has very little taste and flavor, it has a much more beautiful appearance than regular cinnamon. It looks thicker and has a natural reddish tint, which is very nice.


In the past, forest cinnamon was mainly used to make incense or get wood. But in recent years, it has been very interested by many international customers for decorative purposes. They think that forest cinnamon is very suitable for decorations because not only looking better than regular cinnamon, but also the price of forest cinnamon is much cheaper. Currently, many countries in Europe and the United States love to use cinnamon as ornaments for holidays, especially Christmas and New Year. They pay little attention to the taste of Cinnamon, but only need to have beautiful and cheap cinnamon sticks for decorations. Therefore, forest cinnamon is an optimal choice for decorative purposes.

Please take a look at some of the decorative products from Cinnamon:

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